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It’s no accident you are on this website: Your Spidey-senses are tingling about something! Everyone tells me some variation of the same story, but the ending is always the same “I wish I called you sooner”.


You’ve either figured out you need some help or maybe you want to offer some. No matter when you call, feel good that you had the curiosity to do a little research, the courage to pick up the phone, and the confidence to change your karma.


Let’s see if working together makes sense.

Karma Network

Contact Karma if you are a service provider interested in working together to help policyholders.

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Claim Support

Karma is here to advocate for you. If you need help with your Property Claim let’s chat.

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Karma is growing. Experienced or not, don’t hesitate to contact me to inquire about job opportunities.

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Press & Media

Are you interested in joint publications or need support for a story?

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Why Choose Karma?


I am FULLY licensed and am a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP). Lawyers don’t do what I do, and neither do contractors.

Trained & Experienced

I get the sense that many Adjusters are either Trained or Experienced - I AM BOTH. That’s why I cost your insurance company money!

Dedicated, Personal Service

I think most Adjusters are overworked but you shouldn’t be penalized for that. I try to manage my workload so that you feel like you’re my only claim.

Locally Owned & Operated

Let’s face it - our Canadian flag rocks. From pricing jobs, to conducting meetings, to knowing who’s who in the industry, local knowledge and ownership is better for you and your claim.

Proven Track Record

If I offer my help, it’s because I feel I can correct some mistakes, right some wrongs, fill some gaps, and deliver true, measurable value. And that’s what I’ve done every time!

Peace of Mind

The claims process can be very long and very stressful. Having Karma in your corner should alleviate both of those things. I will always work for you and make recommendations that I feel benefit you, not the insurer.

Ready to get Karma on your side? Great! It never hurts to chat and explore your options. Let’s connect to see if it makes sense for me to get involved.

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